Friendship Manifesto

We desire to create a gathering where thinking people can ask honest questions, engage in healthy conversation, seek encouragement, and share stories and experiences of deep, spiritual friendship between men and women.

We believe that good, healthy, friendships between men and women help accomplish the following:

  • Promoting understanding between the sexes that in turn leads to greater justice and equality between men and women – it’s easy to dehumanize someone you don’t know, or hold at a distance out of fear
  • Demystifying the opposite sex – by breaking our reliance on popular psychology and stereotypes and instead relying on the truth revealed in personal relationships with each other
  • Desexualizing interactions between men and women – by offering positive, wholesome ways for men and women to relate outside of the expectations of a hyper-sexualized culture
  • Overcoming sexism in our churches and communities – by creating concrete relational pathways between men and women through friendship – in turn breaking down the barriers of sexism through the unique personal understanding friendship provides
  • Helping us tap into on our deep longing to reflect the image of God within our communities and the world through chaste, non-sexualized intimacy
  • Helping us enter into the deep unity and communion God desires between all people in the church and in the world.

Through this gathering, we hope to tell a new story of cross-gendered friendship that moves beyond fears, skepticism, and myths towards something more whole, healthy, and integrated.  We seek a model of friendship that embraces both our sexuality as well as our spirituality, and, as a result, leads to healthy, healing intimacy. Our goal is to encourage wholeness in individuals, families, and relationships – with the hope of ultimately reconciling the still-present divide between men and women in our churches and communities. Join us.