Karl Wheeler

After many years speaking, Karl and his good friend Kathy Escobar co-created and now co-lead the faith community The Refuge, a church put in action by a desire to restore faith,Karl2 hope, and dignity with those who have been marginalized.

Since his early days in bible college and seminary, Karl has been suspicious of the existence of hierarchical and patriarchal leadership structures in a faith that was formed out of the clay of humility, equality, and mutual submission. He and his friend Kathy set out to create a church community founded on shared leadership and diffusion of power through the lens of friendship. Says Karl, “It’s easier to lead from power, but it is better to lead from friendship.”

Karl and his wife of 31 years live in Northglenn, Colorado. These days he lives sober, loves to go the mountains, and adores his new baby granddaughter, Frankie!