Elizabeth Chapin

Elizabeth has been accused of talking about sex all the time.
After growing up in the free-love-and-sex culture of Woodstock NY, Elizabeth got involved with conservative Christianity while in college. She has been wrestling with the disparity between the messages she received growing up and the messages she heard in the church about sex ever since.
After graduating from The Ohio State University with a BA in Communication, Elizabeth moved to Santa Cruz, CA and got involved with youth and young adult ministry while working as a technical writer in the software industry. She met her husband of 20 years at work and they currently live in Seattle, WA with their four daughters ages 14-20.
From waiting for true love, to kissing dating goodbye, and through the purity movement, Elizabeth has been helping youth and young adults in the church navigate cross-gender friendships for over 20 years. A common theme she has found in her ministry with young men and women is confusion about sex and gender roles and how to reconcile the conflicting messages of church and culture. As a parent, she has been very intentional about having conversations with her daughters about sex and gender roles, and models cross-gender friendships as a healthy life-long practice.
Elizabeth is currently working on her first book about sex talks with girls. She presents workshops about why purity pledges are not enough and how modesty messages in the church perpetuate the myth of male weakness. She blogs at: elizabethchapin.wordpress.com.
Elizabeth has a Masters in Ministry Leadership and teaches ministry leadership and evangelism online for George Fox Evangelical Seminary. She is pursuing graduate studies in theology and gender at Seattle Pacific Seminary.
When she is not writing, teaching, or studying, Elizabeth enjoys sci-fi movies and watching The Simpsons with her family.